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Divi Builder

Divi Builder probably is the best WordPress page builder plugin for agencies. We said so because its license allows you to use it for as many websites as you want. In other words, you can create websites for all of your clients with only a single license. Each website can have a unique API key for update needs. If you want to use it for personal use, you might love the fact that the licensing applied by Elegant Themes (the developer of Divi Builder) also allows you to download two useful WordPress marketing plugins: Bloom and Monarch.

Visual Editor

You will have a visual editor to edit your post or page in a visual way. You just need to add the elements you need and then make the customization accordingly. In Divi Builder, elements fall into 3 types:

  • Section: Represented in a blue
  • Column: Represented in a green
  • Module: Represented in a grey

Clicking the gear icon on each element will open a panel where you can make the customization and styling. To add a new element, you can click the plus button.
If you work on a long page, there is also a handy feature you can make use of — Layers View — to make it easier for you to jump between elements on your page. You can use the feature to jump to a certain section, column, or even module in a single click instead of making a long, deep scroll.

Theme Builder

Divi Builder was initially a mere page builder plugin. It had no feature to create a custom header template or a custom footer template like it is today until version 4.0 was introduced in 2019. Since version 4.0, it allows you to create custom templates to replace the default templates of your theme thanks to its Theme Builder feature. This is great as you can create a fully customized website without coding. You can create custom templates using its visual editor. The theme parts you can create the custom fields of are:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Single post template
  • Archive pages (category page and tags page)
  • Author page
  • 404 page
  • Search results page

If you use WooCommerce, you can also create custom templates for the single product page, product category page, and other WooCommerce pages.

The Theme Builder feature supports display conditions, allowing you to assign a certain custom template to a specific page(s) or post(s). You can, for instance, create a custom single post template and assign it to posts under a specific category, a specific tag, a specific author, and so on.

Dynamic Content

The ability to add dynamic content is a crucial enough feature you need to notice when selecting a WordPress page builder. Today, most page builder plugins come with this feature, including Divi Builder. You can add dynamic content — whether the default WordPress dynamic content types such as featured image, post title, post meta, and so on — or custom fields you created with Advanced Custom Fields.

The ability to add dynamic content is especially should be your priority if you plan to use the Theme Builder feature as it will allow you to add the required elements such as post title, post meta, site logo, site title, and so on.

One thing to note if you plan to add custom dynamic content from custom fields. At the time of writing, Divi Builder only supports Advanced Custom Fields. You read this article to learn more

Premade Layouts

You have two options to create a page using Divi Builder. First, you can create the page from scratch. You can choose this option if you have your own design concept. Second, you can create the page from a premade layout. A premade layout contains predefined elements (sections, columns, and modules). If you want to create a page from a layout, you can simply import one and then tailor the default content (images, texts, and so on) with your own ones. This is a saver time way to create a page with Divi Builder. Also, it is a great option if you have no idea about the concept of the design you want to create.

Divi Builder provides the layouts in packs. A layout pack is a set of premade layouts designed specifically for a certain website type. A layout pack can consist of 4 to 8 premade layouts. There are over 180 layout packs offered in total (over 1,300 layouts).

Divi Builder Review

“Divi is a great theme builder. It allows you to create beautiful pages on your WordPress site without dealing with CSS. The ability to create custom templates for header, footer, and so on is another selling point.”
Igor Landry
“The biggest downside of Divi Builder probably is its limited modules collection. As a comparison, Elementor offers over 90 modules (called widgets) while Brizy offers 42 modules (called elements). But as long as the offered modules can cover your needs, it is not a serious problem.”
Angela Charlton
“The licensing applied by Elegant Themes is the most compelling selling point, especially if you work for a web agency. With a single license, you can use Divi Builder (and other Elegant Themes products) to build as many sites as you want, which is great to cut off the production cost.”
Kason Espinosa